Ethereum Classic Price Analysis: Will ETC Reach $20? Tradecurve Raises Over $2.8million

After the SEC announced it will be filing lawsuits against two of the worlds largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Ethereum Classics value crashed from over $18 to $13.99.

Ethereum Classic Price Analysis: Will ETC Reach $20? Tradecurve Raises Over $2.8million

This was the biggest crash Ethereum Classic has encountered in 2023, and caused trading volume to plummet. However, Ethereum Classic has now recovered and many experts predict it could hit $20 in July. While investors debate whether or not this is a realistic target, Tradecurve is making waves in the presale space and recently hit a new all-time high after raising over $2.8 million.

Ethereum Classic Recovers From Its June Crash

While Ethereum Classic is often overlooked by Ethereum holders, it remains a great investment for investors looking to get involved in DeFi without spending thousands to do so. The project is completely immutable, making it a secure and reliable way to transfer digital assets.

Furthermore, the technology backing Ethereum Classic is tried and tested. Unlike many projects which are continuously testing new tech, and in the process taking risks, Ethereum Classic offers stability by using technology with a proven track record.

At the time of writing, Ethereum classic was trading at $18.06, just 0.95% lower than its value at the start of June. As the project has seen several price increases in the past two weeks, Ethereum Classic is expected to hit $20 in July, which has caused its daily trading volume to spike to almost $400 million.

Tradecurve Hits New Presale Milestone

Tradecurve recently sold out during stage three of its presale, triggering a price increase to $0.018. This new ATH has been great news for investors and has caused the project to gain more momentum than ever.

As one of the most ambitious projects in the DeFi space, investors are extremely excited about what Tradecurve will bring to the table. Tradecurve is a new hybrid exchange that lets investors buy traditional assets such as stocks, commodities and CFDs anonymously. Over the next few years Tradecurve looks to become one of the top 3 global trading platforms, providing a decentralized alternative to Binance and Coinbase.

The Tradecurve ecosystem is completely unique and will provide investors with several benefits including high leverage of 500:1, negative balance protection and high transaction speeds. Fees are also kept to a minimum to maximize profits and guarantee a smooth trading experience.

As decentralized exchanges can be difficult for new investors to understand, Tradecurve has created a metaverse trading academy. In this academy new traders can learn how to read charts, understand how trades work and build their own strategies.

Furthermore, copy trading and algorithmic trading subscriptions will also be available for experienced traders looking to take their experience to the next level.

With Tradecurve looking to increase in value to $0.025 after stage four of its presale, analysts are extremely bullish about the project. Estimates suggest that Tradecurve could increase in value 50x by the end of its presale, offering great returns for investors who get involved now.

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