Internet Computer Price Prediction, Can ICP Match Tradecurve’s 80% Price Growth?

Internet Computer has lost over 16% of its value in June after being classed as a security by the SEC. Although the project started to recover, its value has since started to decline again, decreasing by 4.32% in the last five days.

Internet Computer Price Prediction, Can ICP Match Tradecurve’s 80% Price Growth?

As Internet Computer’s momentum struggles to build, Tradecurve is surging in value, attracting hundreds of new investors a day while offering returns of 80% for early investors. Internet Computer Suffers A 16% Crash In June. At the start of June, Internet Computer was trading at $4.85 having experienced a price decline in May. While most investors expected the project to hit $5, ICP dropped again to $3.54 after the SEC classified Internet Computer as a security.

This caused confidence in the project to crash, and daily trading volume decreased to just $11 million within a week. Daily trading volume still remains extremely low at just $14 million, suggesting that investors may be bearish towards Internet Computer.

As a security, Internet Computer investors will now need to pass significantly more regulation checks and the project’s growth could be slowed by new rules in the future. As a result, most analysts are making bearish price predictions when it comes to Internet Computer’s future. While some believe that Internet Computer could rise to $5, some predict that its value could drop further to $4 in the next month.

Tradecurve’s Price Growth Helps Raise $2.8 Million

Tradecurve’s growth is unlike anything currently available in the crypto market. The project has experienced several consecutive price increases, which have taken TCRV tokens to a new all-time high of $0.018. However, with huge potential to disrupt current exchanges, analysts believe that recent price increases are small compared to what’s in store for the future.

Built on Ethereum, Tradecurve’s hybrid platform will let investors trade DeFi and traditional assets without needing to pass KYC checks or provide personal details to create an account.

Instead, investors can sign up with their emails and trade assets anonymously. This concept has already proven to be extremely popular, attracting 12,500 users and helping Tradecurve raise $2.8 million.

To trade assets on the platform, investors can create an account using their email. Once the account is created, they will be able to connect a number of self-custody wallets to deposit cryptocurrency. When finished, they can simply disconnect while retaining control of the assets they’ve traded.

Tradecurve tokens (TCRV) will play an important role in the exchange and will provide investors with trading discounts, as well as discounts to subscriptions for copy trading and AI trading bots.

Another exciting feature offered by Tradecurve is its unique Metaverse trading academy. This is designed to help teach investors the basics of trading, making sure they feel confident when using the Tradecurve platform.

During the first three months of its release, Tradecurve aims to attract 100,000 clients and will continue to reinvest in its ecosystem to create one of the markets best trading platforms. Should Tradecurve hit its targets, TCRV tokens could be one of the most profitable DeFi investments in 2023.

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